Why does your business need a website by Rick?

Reach out to Customers – Customers expect a business to have a website. A website that is useful and answers their common questions about your business. (see our special article 5 Benefits of a Website)

Fair and Economical Pricing – Most of our clients are business people, and they understand the cost of time. We charge a fair price for our time.

Industry Standard Designs – We use WordPress to create websites for you and your business. It is estimated that there are 25 million websites using WordPress.

Great Customer Service – We have been working directly with small businesses and individuals for 25 years. Custom software, computer training, photo/video services, and now website design and implementation. Our customers have been happy with our work, and we support what we sell.

Why WordPress? – To make both our time and your time go further, we utilize the immensely popular WordPress framework. Using WordPress, we create great looking sites that are easy for your potential customers to navigate. WordPress also makes it easy for you and your staff to make changes to the site. That means you need a web wizard less often. That means less money going to a high paid consultant, and more money to reinvest in your business.

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